Talofa & Afio Mai

Welcome to my blog! I’m keigekuoli™, the one and only – cultural enthusiast, who is excited to share her journey of life as an island girl and embracing its finest features with you. I’m a proud F.O.B (fresh off the boat) esp since that boat is from Samoa. This blog is my “online scrapbook/journal” Feel free to engage, don’t be a spectator 😉


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La’u Samoa , they say ‘home is where the heart is‘ and that’s exactly what this page is about – where my heart is, home. This is my dedication as a Samoan girl celebrating my culture in various aspects of life and my people in it, check it out for yourself.

Dance with KeigeKuoli!: “We’re fools whether we dance or not – so we might as well, dance! -Japanese Proverb” Dancing brings me life, the kind of life that NO ONE can ever take from me. More so, this is my sh**! Just watch and see for yourself 😉

Words, if you want a good read from an English Second Language (ESL) writer – well, I’m the best. Here’s where I’ve got my Devotions of #HEisgreaterthani [So far].

PortfolioHere are the moments I just CAN’T.EVEN. put into words. My featured flicks of nature, food (of course) and best of all, the one’s that make it worth living!